Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last night. Three dreams.

I think the post title pretty much says it all: last night (rather, this morning) I had three dreams. The first two weren't all that important, but mostly amusing, so I'll include them:

1. I dreamt that I made a rather large mess. I'm not gonna get into the details, but cut to the chase to say that since I was responsible for it, I had to clean it up. For some reason, there were gypsies around me, watching me clean. I was doing a good job, working hard, and the progress was showing. All I could think was, "Great - I'm going to get grabbed." *sigh* (I guess that "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" marathon from a couple weeks ago leaked into my subconscious.)

*And then I woke up.

2. I fell back asleep and dreamt that I was at a friend's wedding. (I didn't actually go to the wedding in reality.) I was sitting at a table at the reception and found out that some other friends of mine who are dating had just gotten engaged. (In real life, they're still just dating - I checked on Facebook.)

* And then I got an annoying phone call that was thankfully short enough for me to fall back into a deeper sleep.

3. This time I dreamt that I was at a wedding on a beautiful, sunny day. The caliber was something along the lines of "FlashMob" combined with a theatrical musical. Everybody was on a large, outdoor stage before hundreds (if not a thousand) people. The groom and pastor smiled and waited on the stage that was covered with large bouquets while the bridesmaids and groomsmen stood alongside, singing and dancing (something like a choir or group of Motown back-up singers). Everybody was there - except for the bride. But that really wasn't an issue because the performance on stage was going so well (everybody was well entertained) and we knew that she'd be there soon. I was running around backstage, coordinating, I guess. We had her dress ready for her to change into when she arrived in brown skirt suit. For some reason, during the change-off, I started thinking about the day I found out that my grandpa died. I had an ear cuff that I lost at my grandparents' house while sleeping on their couch. In my dream, I finally "remembered" where the cuff had fallen under the couch. I was able to see it so clearly...and I wanted to get it back so badly. It hurt how much I missed my grandpa. A woman next to me sensed how I felt and asked me, "Are you lonely?" I answered, "Yes." (I was lonely for my grandpa.) She told me, "Try not to think about it."

*And then my alarm went off. And I still missed him. And I cried.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Like iridescent bubbles

Two nights ago I dreamt that from my grandparents' home, I was able to see a view of the valley filled with beautiful, giant, iridescent bubbles. I told my grandpa, who (for some reason) snapped at me and hurt my feelings. He felt bad and offered to take me on a ride through the orchard on his old jeep. It was his way of apologizing...

And I woke up missing him. It'll be two years ago that he passed away in July. I think that there are some wounds that never fully heal.