Monday, December 1, 2014

A short defense

The gospel as the "Good News" is a source of beauty. I am so tired of Christians thinking that therein lies all that is of value and that the gospel is a source of salvation for souls divorced of touching the physical, everyday life. I am so tired of Christians thinking that art is merely a vehicle, a means to an end, or a flourish to 'that which is really important.' Because that kind of mentality results in a faith that misses out on beauty. Beauty can be a source of the Good News. Art can be deeply theological -- it just requires more attention and thought than the pragmatic faith that so many Christians are used to interacting with.

Beauty. Goodness. Truth.
How thirsty must our souls grow before we desire all three of these in our spiritual practices again? How fragmented must we become before we realize that we are missing out on holistic spirituality?

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